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Q. I have printed via your QSL service QSL cards and I want to order more of the same model. Is that possible?
A. Yes it's possible even if you need to make some minor changes. Please ask for details.

Q. Can I use your stock cards ( NOT personalized ). I want to do that myself..?
A. Yes. Just let me know what's your choice ( model ). Cards can be on the way to your address just few days after your payment ( good way for urgent orders ! ).

Q. I have a scanner and I'd like to send you the pictures via Internet. How to proceed?
A. Please, follow these general guidelines:
- Set all parameters in your scanning software to the "factory defaults".
- Use "MANUAL SCAN" i.s.o. "AUTO" or "BEGINNER"
- Turn all filters OFF, automatic colour corrections OFF and auto contrast OFF.
- Set (if different):
Resolution : 300 (or 400) dpi
Scale : 100% (1:1)
Brightness : 0 (use default value)
Contrast : 0 (use default value)
Dark tones : 0
Light tones : 255
Medium tones (or gamma): 2.0 - 2.6
- Save as .TIF with compression (the file will be too big), or better as .JPG with LOW compression (HIGH quality) so that the JPG file size to be in the range of 700-1500 Kb.

* When scanning printed photo (post card, magazine) it is better to scan at 600 dpi and then downsample to 300 dpi. We are printing the cards on 400dpi, so if you are scanning a sharp quality photo, please use 400dpi.If you have any further questions about scanning, please call me.

Q. I could send my QSL design on CD or via your e-mail. Which file format do you prefer?
A. We could read all file formats on almost any media. But the preferred is unflattened Photoshop image (.PSD) & Adobe Illustrator ( .AI ). Use CMYK color model. You can send also other formats as : .pdf, .cdr, .eps, .tiff, .jpg...Please, provide 2mm on each side for cut off. The image size must be 144x94mm (or 154x104 for post card size). For any case before you send your file, please call me for more detailed information how to do it. Honestly the best way is to send me original files you have used and simple draft to see what's your idea and I will be glad to do my best for you by your sample.

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Q. Do I have to choose a standard design from the QSL gallery?
A. The QSL gallery (already printed cards) is just to give you an idea. The gallery (samples) is only part of our collection.You can make your choice or you can ask us for other pictures from your country, flags, nature, birds, space, aircrafts, cards, motobikes, beaches, sea, animals e.t.c.

For any further questions, please feel free to e-mail me


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